Romanyko Roman


 Aim of career:  Learning and accumulation of world experience in fine art to apply it in the creativity, 
using advanced technologies and tools of expressiveness.

 Personal data:  Russian. 36 years old, married, daughter.
 Characteristic:  Creative approach;
 Able to analize situation ;
 Able to optimize  productions process;

 May 2009 -  present time
  Orient Group Ukraine
  Position: art director / manager

 July 2005 -  present time
  Burda Ukraine
  Position: art director of PLAYBOY & Burda Ukraine

 August 2002 -  july 2005
  Burda Ukraine
  Position: art director of Burda Ukraine

 July 2000 -  august 2002
  Newspaper «Pravda of Ukraine»
  Position: art director

 January 2000 -  july 2000
  SMK (Software Mac Kiev)
  Position: The artist — designer, expert in desktop publishing systems.
  Responsibilities: development — design of the graphics interface, graphics units of applications;
  Layout — design of mockups of the user's guide and other corresponding documents,
  preparation for printing, output and transformation in crossplatform type of files (PDF).

 August 1998 — January 2000
  «Kiev-PRESS», office of the  «Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine» newspaper
  Position:  Operator of the reception server of the system of satelite net, 
 expert in desktop  publishing systems.
  Responsibilities:  Reception and file transfer on channels of satellite  net and internet;
 preparation of materials, imposition and re-layout of periodical  issues, color separation  and  printing;
 Development of mockups.
 Web-design and technical support of official site of «Komsomolskaya Pravda in  Ukraine» newspaper

 October 1995 — August 1998
  Kiev Research Institute of Judicial Expertise.
 Position: Expert of a department «Building and merchandise expertise»
  Responsibilities:  Expert estimation on questions, concerning the building and architecture.

 Education: 1985-1995 Academy Arts of Ukraine Architectural faculty.
The diploma «Architect-designer»
1983-1985 Specialized art school.
 PC skills: Working on the computer (Mac OS, Windows) using office (Microsoft Office, ClarisWorks),
professional publishing (Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPres, PageMaker, CorelDRAW),
communication  and internet packages (NC, MIE, QFTP, Fetch, Home Pages) etc.
 Languages: Ukrainian, Russian. English and China(with the dictionary)
 Hobby: Chines language, martial arts.